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New interior ideas for the new work environment. Space configurations that align with your needs today and can adapt to whatever comes next. Download our look book for these idea starter designs. Experience them in virtual reality right from your phone.

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How DIRTT works
Interior construction powered by technology.

Bring your vision to life. Our design software calculates cost to the penny with no upcharge for complexity or customization. Explore your future space in virtual reality and modify in real time.


Advanced manufacturing means modular components are built in 21 days or less. Then they’re shipped to site for a fast and clean install. Ditch the surprises and run more efficient projects.


Adapt on the fly. Reconfigure with ease. Relocate components or repurpose to protect your investment. Whether it’s small or big changes, your interior can evolve to stay relevant over time.

Partnering with DIRTT
Intelligent custom solutions for all industries.
DIRTT is a specialty construction consultant on your project team. Build flexible space that enhances well-being, improves productivity and prioritizes safety. Whether it’s a big or small space, create an office, learning environment or healthcare facility where your people can flourish.
We’re a specialty subcontractor that covers multiple trades, working under you to oversee the DIRTT order, sequencing and install. Experience a more efficient job site, less coordination and confidence in the budget.
Create your vision while benefitting from complete design freedom. We’ll be there to translate your ideas into custom DIRTT solutions with resources and support that align with your workflow. Use our ICE virtual–reality platform to collaborate with your clients, anywhere in the world.

Feed your curiosity 

Topics and resources to spark more ideas.

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