Driving towards collaborative momentum

By Kevin O’Meara, Chief Executive Officer, DIRTT

Relevant and useful space should be fluid, simple to adapt, cause minimal disruption to your people and business and change with circumstances.

Sounds simple but breaking away from conventional decision making and approaches to construction requires a brave commitment to working together within our industry, instead of remaining fiercely isolated and protecting our ideas.

The future as we see it, is about collective intelligence and collaborative momentum. The force of many driving the same vision. A community of committed enablers, ready to question the status quo and share insight with each other that benefits all of us.

That’s why we asked our network of big thinkers what they believe about the future of space and its impact on people. They talked to us about how the construction industry would be more efficient and sustainable if it embraced productization through prefab and modular design. They said adding technology to flexible, adaptable spaces can unlock creativity and productivity for employees. And, that the workplace is the foundation of a company’s culture and a valuable tool in attracting and retaining the right talent.

The needs and expectations of people and organizations will continue to dramatically change, placing new demands on spaces that render old models of design and building obsolete. By adopting new approaches to collaboration, construction and design, together, we can create spaces that can accommodate the future instead of trying to predict it.

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